2013 Year in Review

New Years
The fact that I haven’t put up a post since April can tell you a lot about this year – it’s been busy. So I figured I would give you a small recap of what happened since my last post.

In June, Jeremy and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. Really. Everyone is always surprised that we’ve been married that long. I take that as a compliment and that I look much younger than what I am. :) We had a lovely seven course meal and great conversation at Le Pigeon, a Portland restaurant we’ve been wanting to try for several years.

July was a very busy month. Right after Fourth of July, I travelled up to Seattle, WA for MozCon. I learned so much from some amazing digital marketers. I also hung out with some great Portlanders and met many people from all over the world.

July was also the beginning of my first term on the Board of Directors for SEMpdx. For the past two years, I have volunteered on the SearchFest planning committee helping with sponsorships and other planning activities. This year, I have the pleasure of co-directing on SearchFest with Alan George.

On July 15, I started my new job as Marketing Manager at ZoomCare, a healthcare company with neighborhood clinics in the Pacific Northwest. I’m very really excited about the evolution of this company and really look forward to my roll.

August and November brought us visitors from the Midwest. My Grandma and Aunt came out to Portland for the first time since we moved out here. My parents and sister were able to come out in November. Both groups were very excited to come out and see our house we bought about a year and a half ago. It’s so much easier to envision what friends and family are doing when you know where they are. We hope Jeremy’s family will be able to come out to visit us sometime in 2014.

20131229-213302.jpgOctober also brought our annual Viking Party. We had beautiful weather compared to last year’s drizzly rain. This beautiful weather also brought out a much bigger crowd. Food, beverage, and good times we’re had by all. I also had the opportunity to participate in Halloween at ZoomCare’s Multnomah Village clinic. I have never seen so many kids in my life. Based on the amount of candy I bought and the amount of candy that was left, there was a solid 1,500 kids that came through.

From there, life became a blur. I’m not sure how we went from Halloween to December 30. I’ve got admit, none of our Christmas shopping was started until a week before Christmas – considering all the people we buy presents fro are back in the Midwest, we were lucky everything got there before Christmas.

Overall, it’s been a good year. I have a lot of resolutions for 2014 which I hope will make my life less crazy and more productive. I’m sure you will see the benefits of a few of these resolutions.

Thanks for the great year everyone! Good luck to you in 2014!

My Phone – Jessica Ward Edition

Jessica's iPhone HomescreenI recently heard about this piece that Vanity Fair does on the tech world’s elite. Each article reviews the person’s preferred apps, ringtones, backgrounds, and hot downloads on their phone- they call the series My Phone.

I’ve read the following bios: Path’s Dave Morin, Fab.com’s Bradford Shellhammer, and Andreessen Horowitz’s Tristan Walker. It was pretty interesting how much you can glean about a person just from their phone and their answers to the questions. For example, Tristan Walker seems like he’s a pretty cool guy – he likes music, enjoys staying in shape, and seems to have a pretty good sense of humor. Dave Morin, on the other hand, seems kinda full of himself – a day phone AND a night phone? A custom app for him to communicate with his assistant?

Anyway, I thought, why not do this for myself. If nothing else, it could be a good way for me to figure out how “interesting” – using my own word – I am based on my phone. So, here are my answers.

Phone: White iPhone 5. Got it the same day they came out and they were out of black – it’s grown on me so much that I just got an iPad mini in white too.

Ringtone: Vibrate – otherwise I forget to turn it off when it REALLY should be off.

Case: None! I love the way my iPhone looks without one.

Background: A picture of my Yorkie, Dink.

Last Text: To my co-worker, Ashley, “Best be believing! Ashley will take assholes down!!”

Last App I Used: Nook – I love to read on my iPhone. I’ve been reading on a phone for almost 10 years – back when I had a PalmPilot – and it really is my preferred mode of reading. I love having all my books on me all the time. I can read anything I want, when I want.

Currently Obsessed With: Waze – have you tried this thing? It’s amazing! It’s shaved at least 15 minutes off my commute in the morning and about 20 minutes in the evening. Try it – I’m sure you’ll love it!

Last Download: YNAB (You Need A Budget) – I’ve been searching for a good budgeting software and recently came across this. I’m loving it. Completely changing the way we’re doing our household finances.

Clean Inbox: I wish! As you can see with the screenshot – I have 32 notifications right now. I’ve thought about using that new mailbox app, but I’ve heard mixed reviews on it. If I do try it out, I’ll let you know what I think.

Most Surprising App on Home Screen: Let’s admit it, I use a lot of folders. People aren’t shocked by any of my apps – it’s my folders that cause alarm. I’m okay with it.

Favorite Mobile Game: Plague, Inc. My husband got me hooked on this game. It’s pretty mindless which exactly what I look for in a game. I’m also a closet Solitaire lover.

Text or Call: Text. By the time I’m done with work I really don’t feel like talking on the phone.

Remaining Battery: 51% I typically have to charge it twice a day – Waze uses a lot of battery.

So, what does my phone say about me? I’m not sure – I am sure that someone I know will let me know. If you’re brave, tell me about your phone – write your own blog post and leave a link to it in the comments or just answer the questions in the comments. Either way, I look forward to seeing your answers and determining what your phone says about you.

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